Export Budget to GP Article

Export Budget to GP Article

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Note: For recovery purposes, Dynamic Budgets maintains an audit trail of all export sessions.  A snapshot of the before state of the records in Great Plains is captured as well as the batch of account records transmitted during the export sessions.  This feature provides visibility and assurance to the export function.  Please see Restore Budget Snapshort to ERP.

Creating the Destination Budget in Great Plains

First the destination budget must already exist in GP.  Dynamic Budgets populates existing budgets and it will not create new budgets on the fly in GP. 

To create a budget in GP please goto Budget Maintenance 

(Open Financial \ Cards \ Budgets)

Enter a BudgetID, Budget Description, choose Fiscal Year, and enter a Budget Year.

(Note if your Budget Year is not present go to Company Fiscal Period Setup, type in the latest year, and hit calculate

A. Exporting Budget Data from Dynamic Budgets to Great Plains for a single company

The process to export data is per the below screen. 

Please note that Print, Export to Excel, Print to PDF, Auto-fit Columns, Reduce/Expand Column Width, Copy, Drill and Select/Deselect All functionalities are available.

1) Fill your data shopping cart with what you want to Export by using the standard Search or Advanced Search functionality. 

Please note that the Exclude Zero Values Accounts functionality is available. 

Please use this feature with circumspect.  For example, if a prior exported account had a value in it, say $20, and then the value was changed to zero, by excluding accounts with zero value, the account in Great Plains will not be updated and will remain at $20.

Please note that budgets can be exported in both "Home Currency" and "Parent Currency".  Please see the Manage Exchange Rates article on how to use this functionality.  Namely:

1) convert budgeted amounts to a value of a currency other than the currency of the budget; and

2) provide a convenient method to manage the implementation date of a budget when this date is unknown during the budget process.

2) Where are you sending it?

The two dropdown menus correspond to destination budget options that are available in Great Plains.  

Please select the "Company DB" and "Available ERP Budgets" you wish to export to.

3)  Tell yourself why

For historic reason purposes please enter the reason for the export. 

4) Choose an export style

There are two options which are selected by clicking on the required radio button.

a) Leave existing records and only update with the selected records

Only the records that are in the shopping cart will be updated in Great Plains and all other records in Great Plains will remain with prior exported data.

Please use this feature with circumspect. For example, if a prior exported account had a value in it, say $20, and then the value was changed to zero in Dynamics Budget and this report is not part of the shopping cart data, the account in Great Plains will not be updated and will remain at $20.

b) Delete all existing records import selected records

All budget records in Great Plains will be deleted; this includes those records that were exported previously and are not part of the current export. The data in the shopping cart will be imported in Great Plains.

5) Start Export

Click the "Export" button to process the export.

The following Validation Checks performed during the Export process:

1.Source Company = Destination Company

2.Source Year = Destination Year

3.Is the budget Password protected in GP, if so prompt for password to unlock and enable the export

4.Validate that all selected accounts exist in GP (ACTINDX and ACTNUM), if not show pop-up with error accounts and drill down options to review the proposed budgets for each account.

A successful export is indicated by 2 green arrows.

A failed export will result in a error message. Please use the send error function to email the error log to Dynamic Budgets support staff for interpretation. Verify the year is accurate in the Manage Budgets screen for the Budget ID. 

Please see related article: What To Do When Exporting a Budget With Account Numbers That No Longer Exist in GP?

The system is delivered with standard Application Configuration settings for the Export Budget to GP process.  These settings and alternative settings are set in App Config/Menu Editor.  Please see A. Application Configuration Tab item number 11.

B. Exporting Budget Data from Dynamic Budgets to Great Plains for a multiple companies

Complete the steps as above but instead of clicking the "Export" button", click the "Export for ALL companies" button.  In the below example "Budget 2017" will be exported for all CompanyIDs for which that budget was set up.

Once the export is complete a message box will appear.  Please review the message box to ensure that the export was successful:

The following "Right-Click" menu is available:

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