Manage Global Variables Article

Manage Global Variables Article

Global Variables are setup to store statistical (nonfinancial and non-system based financial) data and are accessed through Lookup.  Please see the related article How Can I Use Global Variables? 

Print, Export to Excel, Print to PDF, Auto-size Columns, Filter, Column Data Sort-Ascending/Descending, Expand/Reduce Column Width, Cell Math Functions and Copy and Paste standard functionality is available.

The following Right-Click and Short-Cut Keys menu is available.

 1. To Search for existing Global Variables, select from the CompanyDB, Category and SubCategory drop down menus.  CalcName can be manually entered.

2. To Delete a Global Variable:

a. Select the Global Variable row you wish to delete;

b. Click the "Delete" button and the Confirm message box will appear;

c.  Click "Yes" to delete the selection.

d. If the Global Variable is in use it cannot be deleted and above message will appear.  Click "OK" to exit the message.  In order for an in-use Global Variable to be deleted all its active links will need to be deleted.  See 4. below on how to identify these links, and 5. to see how to delink. 

3. To setup a new Global Variable:

a. From the drop down menu select the CompanyDB;

b.  Type in titles for the Category, SubCategory, CalcName and Assumption fields.  These fields are user-defined.  Category, SubCategory and CalcName are searchable fields on this screen.  See 1. above.  The Assumption field populates in the Assumption row on Assumptions Sub-tab of the Accounts Details tab.

c. Check the box if you want to use the Exclude Row Function. 

d. From the drop down menu select the arithmetic function you wish to use for  Row to Row Calculations.

e. Enter by the financial and/or non-financial data you wish.

f. Click "Save" and the system will generate a new CALCID.

g.  When additional rows are needed for new Global Variables, enter the number of rows needs and then click the "Insert" button.  The specified number of rows will be added at the bottom of the screen.

4. a.  To identify a Budget Account/s using a Global Variables Drill into its CALCID and the "Budget Accounts Using the selected Global Variable" screen will appear.  Please note that Filter functionality is available on this screen.

b. Please note this screen can be hidden on clicking on the double down pointing arrows. 

c. The screen can also be resized by dragging on the bold black line.

d. To view the Account Details tab for the Budget Account Number that is linked to the Global Variable Drill into the Account and its Account Details screen will open in a new window as below.  We have highlighted in the linked Global Variable in yellow to show how it will appear.  The data on the Account Details screen can be edited.

5. Global Variables are linked to Budget Account Numbers by using the Lookup functionality.  

Variables are delinked by deleting their linked row on the Account Details Tab.

a. Select the row containing the Global Variable Link you wish to delete; and

b. "Right-Click" to access the Right-Click Menu and then click on "Delete".  Then save your work by clicking the "Save Assumptions" Button.

6. To copy an existing Global Variable:

a. Select the Global Variable you wish to copy;

b. "Right-Click" to access the menu and select "Copy" (or use "Ctrl+C" short-cut key);

c. Select the row you wish to copy to;

d. Access the Right-Click Menu and select "Paste" (or use "Ctrl+V" short-cut key);

e. The following message will appear.  Click "OK" to continue.

f.  The copied Global Variable will now display on the selected row as below.  Click "Save" which will produce the "Confirm" message;

g,. Click "Yes" to continue.  The Global Variable is now saved  with a new CALCID and can be edited as required.

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