Account Number (Budget Account Number) Article

Account Number (Budget Account Number) Article

An Account Number refers to the full General Ledger Account Number  ("GL Accounts") which originates from Great Plains Accounting Software ("ERP").  Account Numbers cannot be created in Dynamic Budgets. This is by design and acts as a control such that you will only budget to valid Account Numbers which were originally created in the ERP. This minimizes the risk of problems associated with budget exports (Export Budget To GP), as Dynamics GP offers no account validation with its native import routines prior to GP 2016.

GL Accounts are not automatically added in Dynamic Budgets when you create them in the ERP.  Periodically an administrator will need to run a Synchronize Chart of Accounts routine to add the GL Accounts to Dynamic Budgets.

These GL Accounts are added to the Manage ERP Accounts screen.  The Account Numbers listed on this screen are a mirror image of the GL Accounts on the ERP.

Dynamic Budgets acknowledges that not all GL Accounts are necessary used for budgeting.  Therefore the Create Budget Accounts is a process to setup up only GL Accounts that are used for budgeting for each BudgetID.  These Account Numbers are listed in Manage Budget Accounts.  The list of Budget Account Numbers is a subset of all GL Accounts.

By limiting Account Numbers in the Budgets screen that are to be budgeted to avoids the problem of budgeting to Account Numbers that are non-budget Account Numbers.

For example, the ERP has been setup with GL Accounts 4100-00, 4100-01 and 4100-02.  When a Synchronize Chart of Accounts routine is run, all these GL Accounts will be added to the Manage ERP Accounts list.  However, only 4100-01 is used for budgeting, Therefore by using the Create Budget Accounts routine, only 4100-00 will be created and listed in Manage Budget Accounts. 

But on the ERP actuals are posted to 4100-00, 4100-01 and 4100-02. As actuals are posted to all the Account Numbers it could be necessary to report these Account Numbers (4100-00, 4100-01, and 410-02) against the Budget Account Number of 4100-00.  Please see How Do I Report on Several Actual ERP Account Numbers Compared to a Single Budget Account Number?

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