Locking/Unlocking Accounts Article

Locking/Unlocking Accounts Article

Accounts can be "Locked" and turned to a read only status to prevent further edits.   This feature is available on many screens.

A) Examples to Show if an Account /Line Item/Asset is Locked:

  • When an account is locked it will show as all grayed, as on the Basic and Custom Budget Entry screens:

  • The account will display the word Locked in Locked column in the middle of the Budgeting Dashboard:

B) Who can Lock on the Budgeting Dashboard screen:

  • By default Administrators and System Managers can lock & unlock accounts.
  • Depending upon the application configuration Approvers can be granted lock & unlock permission.
  • Depending upon the application configuration accounts can automatically lock when edit or approval status is assigned

C) Examples on How to Lock an Account

Accounts are locked from the Budgeting Dashboard, Account Details Tab and from the Lock Budget function in Manage Budgets

(If you are trying to lock more than 100 accounts or lock All the accounts in a budget please do so from the Lock Budget function in Manage Budgets) 

How to Manually lock accounts on the Budgeting Dashboard:

Individual accounts or multiple accounts can be locked from the budgeting Dashboard.

1) Check the Box in the first column on the left to select account(s);

2) From the Account Lock dropdown menu, select either Lock or Unlock

When an account is locked it will display the word Locked in column in the middle of the screen as in the screenshot below:

How to Manually lock accounts from the Account Details tab

Check the "Lock" box and then save:

Once the above actions are done the screen will change to the below:

D) Automatic Locking Due to Source Data on Another Screen
In addition to manually locking rows, rows can be automatically locked because data has been populated on the viewed screen from another screen.  For example, on the Basic Budget Entry/Dashboard tab, data can flow from the Basic Budget Entry/Account Details tab.  And in turn, for example, data can flow into the Basic Budget Entry/Account Details tab from the Payroll module.
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