InReports Article

InReports Article

"InReports" is a check box setting on Manage Company Databases, Manage OrgUnits, Manage Objects, Manage Budgets and Manage Budget Accounts.

For a CompanyDB, BudgetIDOrgUnit, Object and Account Number (Budget Account Number) to be available for reporting, its related checkbox needs to be checked.

Please note that reporting is a hierarchical structure and for a lower level to be available for reporting, the level above needs to have its "InReports" checkbox checked.  The order of the hierarchy is CompanyDB, BudgetID, OrgUnit, Object and finally Account Number.

In our below example, AccountNumber 000-4100-00" InReports" checkbox is checked.  And as it sits at the bottom of the hierarchy, Company DB "DB3147_TWO15", BudgetID "2017 Test1", OrgUnit "000" and Object "4100-00" respective "InReports" checkboxes need to be checked.

Please note it can be a useful to limit the number of available CompanyDBs, BudgetIDs, OrgUnits, Objects and Account Numbers in their respective Search dropdown menus to only those that are necessary by unchecking the "InReports" box and this can result in a "decluttered" search dropdown menu.

In the below example, OrgUnit 150 was deselected.

And you can that it does appear in the dropdown menu.

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